You may have felt the very real effects of unaffordable Doorstep loan lending

Have you previously wondered how you’ll buy your groceries after paying your doorstep loan? Did you worry about how you’d pay the bills, as your repayments left you all but penniless? We can help.

Our claims process is simple and broken down into a stage based approach.

  1. Pre complaint investigation and analysis

    Pre complaint investigation and analysis

  2. Formal mis-selling complaint made

    Formal mis-selling complaint made

  3. Response analysis & negotiation

    Response analysis & negotiation

  4. Referral to Financial Ombudsman Services

    Referral to Financial Ombudsman Services

Stage One – Fill out our doorstep loan claim form

Following our investigation into your case, our team will create a claim to present to your lender(s). We then submit your mis-selling complaint and continue to monitor its progress. With every update we receive, we inform you as to the progress made.

Stage Two – We submit a mis-selling complaint

Having submitted your doorstep loan claim paperwork to the provider of your doorstep loan we will monitor its progress periodically to make sure that a reply is received within an acceptable timescale.

Stage Three – We correspond and negotiate with your lender

Once we are in receipt of a decision from your doorstep lender we’ll be in touch without delay. They may present an offer, or they could refuse your claim. In either case we’ll provide our advice as to how to proceed. You may tell us to negotiate, or you can accept the offer. In the case of a refusal from your lender, all is not lost – we can still take your case to the Financial Ombudsman if merited.

Stage Four – We refer your claim to the Financial Ombudsman if necessary

If an agreement can’t be reached as to a compensation figure, or your case is refused, we can send your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (the FOS). The FOS is an independent body that has the task of mediating between parties to come to a mutually agreeable solution. Once the Financial Ombudsman has reviewed the case and reached a decision, we’ll immediately forward this response to you.  If your claim is successful, we’ll be in touch with your doorstep lender to organise payment.

The entire process can range in timescales from 4 weeks to a number of months. However, it’s worth noting that our team will always work to secure the best possible outcome, in the shortest amount of time.

Our Doorstep Loan Claims Process Video